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Bita Barkhordarian

Bita BarkhordarianSales Representative

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Being born and raised in a family that the father was a civil engineer gave me this opportunity to be exposed to construction sites. As a little girl I used to accompany my dad to building sites and construction fields. When I became a teenager my dad sometimes asked me and my sister to draw some sketches of building plans to help him on new subdivision projects. Unlike my sister that continued our father’s passion and became an architect, I liked numbers more so chose Accounting as of my future career. I left my country when I was 21 and went to Accounting school in St’Catharine, Ontario.

While I was at school I got to know a real estate broker and this idea came to my mind to study real estate in summer time. However my life style at that time did not give me the chance to do so. So I continued my study in Accounting and worked in this field for years. Few years ago when I was buying my own first house I realized how much I missed seeing different house plans and layouts. I had a very good sense of knowing which house is good and which one is not. A year after we purchased our house my agent told me that my purchase was a very good choice and she told me that I must have known something that I picked the house despite her advice. That’s when I decided to study real estate and leave accounting. I do not look at real estate as a business but it is my passion. I do not look at my clients in a business manner, but get involved in their excitement and concerns. My honesty and good knowledge also will be helping them to make the right decision.

What sets me apart is my client service, honesty with my clients and providing unbiased advises.  All those are crucial factors when making a decision for buying, selling or leasing a property. My own standards are very high in everything I do, so I believe it's only fair that my clientele receive the same high level. No request is too big, and I ensure there are no unwanted surprises. My goal is to make the process as smooth as possible, so much so, that my clients only surprise is usually how enjoyable the process can actually be. Smile on the face of my clientele is my priority.

I look forward to your recommendations, and working with you in the future.